Children’s Book

Introducing Sai the Peacock: The Unique Beak Hardcover

Will Sai follow his dreams?

Sai is a kind young peacock who lives with his royal family. He has brilliant blue tail feathers that any regal peacock would be proud of―and Sai LOVES to sing!

But his family laughs at that idea, AND at him! They say his beak is too big while making fun of his singing voice.

Saddened by their ridicule, Sai finally vows never to sing in front of anyone again! He hides himself away and doubts his dreams. Will he take their criticism to heart? Will he give up?

Estani Frizzell’s spirited and unique story shows children how just one special friend’s support can make a difference in carrying us where our talents are meant to take us.

Author Estani Frizzell, multi-faceted singer/songwriter known for an array of musical styles, has wanted to write children’s books since the birth of her daughter. With Sai Peacock―and rhythm and rhyme―she has now found the perfect way to deliver catchy hooks and melodies in a variety of sonic and lyrical tastes for children!

Illustrator LA native Sophia Frizzell creates a singular style through her work by blending elements of surrealism and the macabre. By the age of 16, she had achieved local recognition around Los Angeles with her graphite sketches and acrylic and oil paintings. Embarking on a new venture, she’s now diving into the world of children’s books.